Filament Gallery is currently an online gallery based in Portland, Maine that features the work of artists Ernest Paterno and Jill Dalton. We are in the process of renovating a new studio and gallery on Washington Avenue in Portland. Until it is completed, we will keep you updated via this website.


Filament Gallery has closed at its Congress Street location. We will continue to showcase our work on this website as we work toward building our new location over the coming year. The new gallery will be built in conjunction with our new studio and glassblowing facility in Portland. The studio will feature live glassblowing demonstrations. We look forward to seeing you there!

For over nine years Filament Gallery has operated as an art-space on Munjoy Hill in Portland, Maine, owned and operated by Jill Dalton and Ernest Paterno. Our mission is to promote the arts and creative expression in our neighborhood. We hope to bring increased accessibility to contemporary art and culture to our community. We have shown the work of local and national emerging artists and hold small scale performances. Contemporary art shows rotated every six weeks. We also showcase the fine crafts of many local artists on an ongoing basis.